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EVERYONE, including: Individuals, Military personnel, Corporations, and Dealerships.

Service Options:
Price-Match Shipping Service: We Price-Match to other quotes. Open Carriers, Door to Door service and Full Coverage Insurance included. This level means you are standing by for a cheaper than standard rate to come available and no dates are promised at this price quote because the average pick-up time varies due to driver availability at this rate. This quote is offered to try to accommodate budgets when possible and is only recommended to shippers who are not pressed for time. If you do need specific time-frames, we recommend our Standard Shipping or Expedited Shipping options for faster service. Please call (503) 995-5267 for more details.
Standard Shipping Service Open Carrier quote, Door to Door service including Full Coverage Insurance. Average pick up time is within 1-7 days (actual pick up times are estimates based on truck availability and typically within the first 5 business days). *If you do need a faster pick-up time-frame we recommend our Expedited or Guaranteed Shipping options. Please call for more info.*
Expedited Shipping Service Open Carrier quote, Door to Door service and Full Coverage Insurance included. Average pick-up time is within 1-3 business days (actual pick up times are estimates based on truck availability). *Guaranteed pick-up Service is also available on some routes, Guarantees have to be in writing and have additional fees. Please call for more info.*
Enclosed Shipping Service Enclosed Carrier quote, Door to Door service and Full Coverage Insurance included. Average pick up time is within 1-7 days (actual pick up times are estimates based on truck availability). This is recommended for classic cars, sports cars, and valuable vehicles you do not want to expose to the outside elements of mother nature. *Guaranteed Pick-up Dates may be available for an additional fee. Please call for more info.*

Broker VS Carrier:
Corporate Auto Transport works with thousands of carriers coast to coast on many routes, nationwide. We typically get your vehicle picked up and delivered in less time and more effectively compared to working directly with an individual car carrier yourself and the odds of you locating a car carrier yourself are very slim and even more slim is finding one going your exact route around the time you need them. With our resources and license to actively post and search the national load board systems used throughout this country and with our preferred carrier lists, we can get you scheduled and on a truck much faster than any consumer can do by themselves. This is why it's necessary to work with a broker in this industry. An individual car carrier will also have limited routes and resources and it does not mean you will get charged less either. You actually get the best rate by using a broker who can actively search for the best rate from lots of carriers at once. Obviously, the more trucks that are available to you, the more options you have and the faster your vehicle gets picked up and delivered.

With Corporate Auto Transport we take the worry out of safely transporting your car because you can rely on us to verify each driver's FMCSA credentials and provide you the carrier's insurance information as well. We also check each carrier's ratings through our resources that we utilize. We have established a preferred carrier list by building relationships with the best and highest rated drivers in the industry and we refuse to work with any drivers who do not uphold our high standards. This enables us to move vehicles efficiently and with confidence.

With our experience and expertise you can't go wrong.

Please call us for more information about shipping your vehicle and our staff would be more than happy to explain the process and industry to you in more detail as well.

We service Nationwide locations including, but NOT limited to:
Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New Jersey, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Los Angeles, CA. Chicago, IL. Houston, TX. Philadelphia, PA. Phoenix, AZ. San Diego, CA. San Antonio, TX. Dallas, TX. Detroit, MI. San Jose, CA. Indianapolis, IN. Jacksonville, FL. San Francisco, CA. Columbus, OH. Austin, TX. Memphis, TN. Portland, OR. Oklahoma, OK. Las Vegas, NV. Tucson, AZ. Long Beach, CA. Albuquerque, NM. New Orleans, LA. Cleveland, OH. Fresno, CA. Sacramento, CA. Kansas, MO. Virginia Beach, VA. Mesa, AZ. Atlanta, GA. Omaha, NE. Oakland, CA. Tulsa, OK. Honolulu, HI. Miami, FL. Minneapolis, MN. Colorado Springs, CO. Arlington, TX. Wichita, KS. Santa Ana, CA. Anaheim, CA. St. Louis, MO. Pittsburgh, PA. Tampa, FL. Cincinnati, OH. Raleigh, NC. Toledo, OH. Aurora, CO. Buffalo, NY. Riverside, CA. St. Paul, MN. Corpus Christi, TX. Newark, NJ. Stockton, CA. Bakersfield, CA. Anchorage, AK. Lexington, KY. Louisville, KY. St. Petersburg, FL. Plano, TX. Norfolk, VA. Jersey, NJ. Birmingham, AL. Lincoln, NE. Glendale, AZ. Greensboro, NC. Hialeah, FL. Baton Rouge, LA. Fort Wayne, IN. Madison, WI. Garland, TX. Scottsdale, AZ. Rochester, NY. Henderson, NV. Akron, OH. Chandler, AZ. Chesapeake, VA. Modesto, CA. Lubbock, TX. Fremont, CA. Glendale, CA. Montgomery, AL. Orlando, FL. Chula Vista, CA. Durham, NC. Shreveport, LA. Laredo, TX. Yonkers, NY. Tacoma, WA.

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We Service:
Individuals, Military, Corporate and Dealerships
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