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  Question: What kind of carrier will my vehicle be shipped on?

Answer:  Generally, your vehicle will be Shipped on an open, 10-car carrier if you are shipping a stock vehicle under 7ft tall, otherwise it could need to be shipped on other trailer types such as flat beds or low-boys etc. The actual trailer size does not matter.  Although, sometimes you will get faster service with a smaller carrier, but usually spend a little more as well. However, that is not always the case. This is a always the client's judgement call and requests are always considered. Another option for you to consider is shipping on an Enclosed carrier. Enclosed trailers are completely enclosed and will keep your vehicle(s) a lot safer from the outside elements, but this service is more expensive. We usually recommend enclosed shipment if you have a classic car, sports car, or any other valuable vehicle you do not want to expose to the outside elements of mother nature.

Question: Should I place an order in advance?

Answer:  It's always a good idea to place your order as soon as possible. Generally 1-2 weeks before your requested pickup date is good preparation. This allows ample time to try to schedule your pickup with a carrier ahead of time so there is less stress for you. We can normally get a truck to pick up your vehicle(s) within 1-7 business days of your vehicle's first available ready date at our "Standard Shipping" rate. If you require a faster pickup, we do offer Expedited service which normally gets your vehicle picked up within 1-3 business days but does cost a little more than the standard shipping rates. We also offer Guaranteed pickups within a 2 business day window for an additional fee on most routes if you are interested. Call our office at (503) 995-5267 for more details.

Question: Can you give me a Guaranteed price or date?
Answer:  We do offer an "Expedited Service" or can "Guarantee" dates on some routes for an extra fee. Always check with your Account Manager to see if we can meet your request. Keep in mind that many different factors go into moving a vehicle, which include:  location, fuel costs, vehicle size, open or enclosed carrier, dates (today vs. a month from now) and seasons (snow, ice, etc.). Quotes are based on the current market demands. Our quotes are manually generated, so they are the most accurate in this industry. They are based on the mileage (generally calculated by the zip codes you supply us when requesting a quote), the size of the vehicle and the closest history we can pull up compared to your route request. It is always best to consider all the variables involved when quoting a client and at Corporate Auto Transport we will always do our best to ensure our quotes are honest rates that we believe will get your vehicle moved in a safe and timely manner. Typically, you do get what you pay for and in this industry. So many variables such as weather, traffic, road construction, or mechanical problems etc. could impact a delivery schedule. Our goal is to get your vehicle moved for the lowest possible price, without compromising the quality of your service.

NO company should be guaranteeing you anything, unless you are paying an extra fee to get it guaranteed (it should be costly).

Note: If your vehicle has been sitting for 10 business days or longer and has still not been scheduled for pickup, the price should be reviewed and it is very possible it should be adjusted. The carriers are independent and they may not be interested in your load if you are sitting with a company who has under-quoted your load for the drivers. As a client with Corporate Auto Transport we do not want to waste your time or ours and we are always working to get your vehicle moved as quickly as possible at a fair market price.

Question: What does "Price Matching" mean?
Answer:  We offer "Price Matching" on all quotes, because placing your order at a lower price than our Standard quote can sometimes still get the vehicle moved and if we can save you money we would be happy to. Our quotes are figured at rates we believe it will take to move your vehicle safely and timely, but we can be surprised from time to time as well so if you'd like us "Price Match" to a certain rate just let us know and our staff would be happy to try to move your load for the price you prefer, which means we will place your order at a lower quote and work hard to fulfill the order at that lower price for you. Typically, if it moves at the lower price it's going into a filler spot on a carrier who was a little desperate for a load, but with our experience we only recommend the "Price Matching" option to clients who are very flexible and have no date restrictions. This is the best way to receive the lowest price available and still use an excellent company at the same time! Keep in mind that if the price happens to be far too low for the drivers in the industry to accept, then your vehicle will just sit there and not get scheduled unless you opt to raise your price for the drivers to entice them a little more or a driver may counter-offer for you and you can accept or decline. Sitting too long and getting frustrated tends to happen with other companies who quote consumers very low just to entice their business and get their order, but then they don't explain the process and reality of the industry and consumers get irritated and upset not knowing why their vehicle is still not picked up after weeks of no phone calls and the vehicle still in their driveway etc. We will never let that happen to our clients though. We explain the industry to every client and always stay proactive on your order and work to secure you the lowest rate available at your approval as fast as possible.

Our priority is to move your vehicle quickly and safely with customer satisfaction. Therefore, we always recommend our "Standard Shipping" or "Enclosed Shipping" quotes if you want to ensure you get your vehicle picked up within 1-7 business days. Going "Stand-by" or having us "Price Match" for you rather than choosing another company for your transport is very beneficial for you to receive the lowest price possibe with the driver and get a high level of customer service like we offer! We also only use the highest rated drivers that have been thoroughly checked for Safety and Insurance. We promise you will always know what's going on with your order when using Corporate Auto Transport, unlike other companies in this industry who may lack good communication skills and honesty, which happens to be one of the biggest consumer complaints you will find on www.transportreviews.com in this industry.
This is why we are a 5 star rated by our clients!

Question: Do I need to carry my own insurance on the vehicle during transport?
Answer:  No. Federal law mandates that all trucks carry a minimum $100,000 insurance policy and we receive copies of each carrier's cargo insurance in case of damages to the vehicle in transport. Damages are rare, but can happen. From the time your vehicle is put up on the carrier to the time of delivery, your vehicle is fully insured through the carrier's insurance. You will need to do a thorough inspection report with the carrier at pickup AND at delivery and get copies on both ends for your protection, to prove if any damages have been done by the carrier. If you do have insurance on the vehicle, it doesn't matter. Your vehicle is covered by the truck's insurance while in transport. Most carriers hold One Million dollars combined total coverage & Two hundred fifty thousand dollars per incident. The only exception is on automobile personal contents, those are not covered by any carrier insurance and if lost, stolen or damaged will not be covered by the truck's insurance.

Question: Can I put personal belongings inside the vehicle?

Answer:  No. Auto carriers are not licensed to carry "household goods", so it is illegal. We do not recommend putting personal items inside the vehicle at all during transport. Any household or personal items inside the vehicle are not insured whatsoever, which means if the vehicles on the carrier were broken into and stuff stolen or the truck was in an accident and your personal belongings inside were damaged, you could not file a claim against the trucking company because they are not insured for that. Also, too much weight inside the vehicle(s) can put a truck over its weight limit at the weigh station, which would cause major delays. However, a common understanding in the industry is that you can leave light items in the trunk of the vehicle, not more than 75 lbs max, but ultimatley the carrier does not want the responsibility. Always remember, if anything is damaged or stolen, it is not insured and the driver is not responsible for it. We recommend not leaving anything in the vehicle.

Question: What happens when I place an order with Corporate Auto Transport?

Answer:  Once you place an order, soon a carrier will be scheduled to pick up your vehicle. Once your order is scheduled for pick-up, the driver will contact you in advance regarding the time for the pick-up to happen. (Note: This will also happen for delivery.) This is the time to discuss any concerns about a specific time of day or place with the actual driver. The driver is asked to give you at least 1-3 hrs notice prior to pick-up and delivery to make sure you or someone you know is ready. The pick-up and delivery dates in your scheduled order are always estimates and that should always be remembered. We recommend having you or an agent available within at least 3 days of these dates before and after, in case the carrier is early or delayed. This limits any issues when transporting your vehicle(s). At pick-up, you or your authorized agent will do a walk-around inspection of the vehicle and sign the bill of lading with the driver. You will also pass over the key to the vehicle. Once loaded, the vehicle will then be on it's way! At delivery you will pay the driver the balance C.O.D. (cash or cashier's check) and sign the bill of lading after the vehicle has been inspected for any damage. You will receive phone calls and confirmation emails every step of the way when you have an order with Corporate Auto Transport, but if you ever have a concern always contact your Account Manager. Our priority is giving you a 5 star customer service experience! 

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